Mark Henry/WWE Update, Vince McMahon Banned?, & More

Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A few months ago, Vince McMahon did a commencement speech at Sacred Heart University and was given the honorary doctorate. As it turns out, he only got to do the speech because Linda McMahon is on their board. When the decision to let him do the speech was announced, there was a petition signed by many members of the faculty to not let him do the speech thinking he was the worst choice possible. In the end, the university let McMahon do the speech.


There were some reports a couple of weeks ago indicating that Mark Henry was finished with WWE. Those reports can now be put to rest as we are able to confirm that the former World's Strongest Man has signed a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. The full terms regarding the deal were not made immediately available; however, WWE must have made him an offer that he could not refuse.

The current plan is for CM Punk to hold the ECW Title until John Morrison comes back, then he will lose it back to the now former champ.