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During a recent interview, Matt Hughes said that Matt Serra is a bad example for kids.

"Matt Serra is a bad example for kids to watch. When he does an interview I can't let my kids watch because I don't know how many times he's going to drop the F-bomb and just be bad with his wording," he told the UK Sun. "When he does an interview, I don't want my kids watching I think that's a terrible example for the youth to see. You won't see me setting a bad example. I think I'm a good ambassador to my sport." Hughes said.

Hughes commented on how big UFC was right now in the United States, "Once we took over boxing and the WWE I was content, because I really thought we're better sports than them, and now we're on top of them I'm happy."

While UFC is killing both boxing and WWE on pay-per-view annually, WWE kills UFC in overall revenue; this is largely in part due to the fact that WWE has so many different revenue streams that are not available in UFC. WWE also beats UFC in television ratings. Regarding boxing, Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya doubled anything on PPV that UFC will do this year.