Meeting Held Backstage At ECW/SD Taping; Steph/HHH

[Source: 1Wrestling]

Before the ECW/SmackDown taping in Cincinnatti, Ohio, Stephanie McMahon conducted a talent meeting. The meeting was held at 4pm with the main subject being the changes to the Wellness Program.


The main changes made to the program and announced to the talent are:

- New talent signed by WWE will need to be drug tested before being signed.
- Marijuana testing will now be in effect by WWE. If tested positive, talent will be fined one thousand dollars each time failed. Also, if tested positive for marijuana, talent will not be suspended and will not be included in their "three strikes" rule.
- The drug "anti-estrogen" will be added to the banned items talent will be tested for.
- From November 1st, talent who violate the Wellness Program will be made public by WWE.

Also, before the ECW/SmackDown taping took place on Saturday, Triple H addressed the stars during a pre-show meeting. He told the stars that the whole industry is now being under attack and it's now time for everyone to stick together.