Notes On Lilian Garcia, Kane, SD!, Teddy, Rock, More

Lilian Garica sang the national anthem at the Jets-Dolphins game on Sunday. She is currently promoting her debut solo album Quiero Vivir! which goes on sale on 10/9. (thanks to Mike Aldren)

"See No Evil" has pulled in $768,436 in Spain. The movie was released in the country earlier this month.


There was a long delay at last week's Smackdown tapings involving the Teddy-Kristal wedding. The ring bearer didn't come out on time, and Kristal tripped and fell on her face walking up the stairs in her heels, which caused laughter in the building.

The Rock is also doing Jimmy Kimmel on 10/3. He appears this morning on Regis & Kelly. (thanks to Mike Aldren)