Official WWE RAW Preview - Vince's Son Revealed

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Here Comes the Son
September 10, 2007

This week, the wait is over. Mr. McMahon and the rest of the world will finally learn the identity of the Chairman's illegitimate son.


Last week, a lawyer for the woman who has filed a paternity suit against Mr. McMahon revealed only one clue about his illegitimate son: "Things are looking up." Will Mr. McMahon beam with pride when his offspring's identity is revealed? Or will he find himself cursing his considerable "grapefruits"? And will Mr. Kennedy, who claimed to be the Chairman's bastard son last week, have anything to say as this mystery unfolds?

Raw General Manager William Regal felt WWE Champion John Cena's wrath after he announced a title rematch at Unforgiven between Cena and his tormentor Randy Orton, who attacked The Champ's father the previous week. Will Cena feel any ramifications for his attack? And will his rage over his father's plight manifest itself again this week?


Triple H proved last week that his Game hasn't lost a step, apparently putting Umaga on the shelf after bludgeoning him with a sledgehammer during a Handicap Match with the Samoan Bulldozer and Carlito. With Carlito anxious to exact revenge against Triple H for ruining his Cabana with Mr. McMahon, what measures will the Caribbean Bad Apple take against the King of Kings?

In an impressive show of aerial artistry, Jeff Hardy was able to snatch the Intercontinental Championship from between the teeth of Umaga. What awaits "The Rainbow-haired Warrior" next week on Raw? Will the high-flyer face a challenge to his title?

Find out all the answers to these questions and more when Raw airs on USA Network at 9/8 CT.