Paul Heyman Update, NASCAR Fight/Ric Flair, More News

NASCAR drivers Kyle Petty and Denny Hamlin got into an altercation over the weekend at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware. The Associated Press covered the squabble and wrote, "With all the finger pointing and trash talking, it's too bad Ric Flair didn't stick around after his Busch Series appearance a day earlier to watch this skirmish."


The official WWE web site has a "where are they now" interview with former WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus. In the interview Trish reveals that it was Paul Heyman that recommended her to the producers of "Armed and Famous", the reality show that aired on CBS where celebrities became police officers in Indiana. is teasing a third part to the interview where she will discuss a potential return to the company. While that is the teaser for the interview it is highly unlikely that she'll end up back in WWE anytime soon.

There was some confusion surrounding Val Venis' opponent at a weekend RAW house show. We are able to confirm that it was indeed Johnny Stamboli under his REDRUM gimmick. It looks as if WWE went forward with their plans to give Stamboli a tryout tour with the gimmick.