Plans for suspended wrestlers, Ortiz's next fight, more

Don't expect many of the wrestlers that were suspended to find themselves lower on the card as a result of their drug violations. It appears that most of the stars who were suspended will be back in their original spots once they return.


Ken Kennedy may have lost a career angle with the Vince McMahon illegitimate son storyline, however there has been talk of Hornswoggle being a mistake and Kennedy ending up with the role once he returns. Even without the angle, he'll be back as one of the top stars of the RAW brand.

Also, William Regal is likely to be GM of Raw again, Umaga will be back where he was supposed to be this past month, in a feud with Triple H. If King Booker, who is suspended for 60 days, decides to come back to WWE, he would also likely be back near the top of the RAW roster.

Our sister site,, is reporting that Tito Ortiz will most likely headline UFC 78 along with Rashad Evans.

Ortiz and Evans fought to a disappointing draw at UFC 73: Stacked with Ortiz losing a point in the second round for grabbing the fence. After the fight Ortiz revealed that he had a back injury that affected his performance in the fight.


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