RAW, SD!, & ECW Main Events Revealed, Lots More

The scheduled SmackDown main event this week will be The Undertaker facing Mark Henry in an Unforgiven rematch. The ECW main event will be Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn vs. Elijah Burke with the loser being eliminated from The Chase.


The only thing confirmed for RAW at this point is the Triple H vs. Carlito cage match with more with Vince and Hornswoggle, Cena and Orton and the Women's title picture with Candice and Beth.

Team Sgt. Slaughter (Dustin Rhodes, The Steiners and Team Macktion) defeated Team JBL (LAX, Steve Corino, Elix Skipper and CW Anderson) in a War Games style match at the UWF show in Richmond, VA last night. The captains got involved in the match when Slaughter put the Cobra Clutch on JBL for the win. Other notable results from the show: D-Lo Brown d. Abyss, AJ Styles won an 8 Man Battle Royal, Joey Matthews d. AJ Styles. Ron Simmons, Senshi, Daffney and Gail Kim also appeared at the show.