RVD/ECW Update, Kane/Khali, Torrie's Boyfriend, More

Reports suggest that Vision Gaming & Technology, who are a casino games maker, have filed to use the trademark "King of the Ring". The trademark is currently owned by World Wrestling Entertainment. The casino company want the name for a boxing themed game. WWE filed for an extension to oppose Vision Gaming's request for the trademark on August 29th. WWE now has until November 28th to file opposition.


Rob Van Dam's profile has been removed from the ECW roster page.

WWE are advertising Kane vs. Great Khali for the Heavyweight Championship and Rey Mysterio vs. Fit Finlay for the ECW/Smackdown house show in Hammond, Indiana on September 30th. Adverts for CM Punk vs. John Morrison/Nitro for the ECW championship are also still being advertised.

The official website for Torrie Wilson's new clothing store recently launched and you can check it out at OfficiallyJaded.com. She is still dating Nick Mitchell from the Spirit Squad.