Sandman Speaks On His Release

The Sandman posted the following on his Myspace regarding his release:

Hey people, this is The Sandman. I think now that all of you have heard about World Wrestling Entertainment releasing me from my contract. Please, I have recieved emails and comments with hurtful things to the WWE such as not watching their programs and doing stuff to them where they lose a fan base...PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING HARMFUL TO THE WWE. I am VERY upset about my release but I am even more upset if you guys take it out on them. I have a great attitude towards WWE, Vince McMahon, Stephanie, HHH, and Johnny Ace...I will make damn sure I am back in the WWE one day. WWE treated me well, I had a great time on WWE Raw and on ECW on SciFi...I loved every moment of it and the wrestling business is and has always been one big family combined with entertainment purposes. I appreciate all of your messages and all and I can not thank you guys enough! I will be back in WWE one day again...count on it.