Site Changes, WWE Suspensions shocker, Unforgiven coverage this Sunday and more

Many of you may have noticed several changes on the site over the last week. We have updated all the sections of our site to make it easier to use and more user friendly. All the major sections of our site have changed. We have also added a new WWE News section, a section for TNA news as well as an updated Wrestlers section which contains news and bios of over 50 top wrestlers (male and female) in the industry. We have also added a new store where you can purchase wrestling related DVD's, games and more!


For you people who use RSS readers and browsers like the popular Firefox browser, we have added 3 new RSS Feeds in addition to our RSS feed for Pro Wrestling Headlines. To access our RSS Feeds, click here.

Also, we now have a much easier to navigate 'News' and 'Top Stories' section, where you can now access all our articles since March of 2005. To check out the new 'News' section, click here. To access our new 'Top Stories' section, which only contains major pro wrestling stories, click here.

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More news has been added to our recent Top Story about the WWE Suspensions which now has updates about how WWE knew about the 10 stars involved 15 days before they took action, as well as more details on King Booker and Ric Flair quitting WWE and more. To access the article, click here.

Finally, we will as always be providing match by match coverage of WWE Unforgiven this Sunday. If you are not watching the PPV, make sure to be here Sunday afternoon at 8 PM EST when live coverage of the event begins.

Again, please take a minute to click around the site and see all the newly added features and thanks for visiting!