**SPOILERS** ECW On Sci Fi Taping Results

Thanks to Trevor for sending these in!

- Hey I just got back from the SmackDown and ECW show here in Minneapolis. Horrible show, one of the worse I've ever been to. Here are the ECW tapings:

Dark Matches: Jesse and Festus defeated some local guys and Jimmy Wang Yang defeated some guy I forget who.


- ECW opens with Armando Alejandro Estrada in the ring with CM Punk. Punk gives him his new tshirt and tells Estrada to put it on since he's Punk's biggest fan. Estrada announces CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke for the ECW Title at Unforgiven.

- The Miz d. Tommy Dreamer

- Matt Striker with Big V d. Nunzio

- Mike Knox d. Balls Mahoney

- CM Punk and Stevie Richards d. Kevin Thorne and Elijah Burke

Pops of the night: CM Punk, Stevie Richards, Balls

Heat of the night: Elijah Burke, The Miz