Surprise Planned For RAW Tonight, & More News

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Acting Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman will have a surprise for Mr. McMahon's little bastard, Hornswoggle, Monday night on Raw, has learned.

The Chairman clearly isn't happy that WWE's resident leprechaun is his illegitimate son. He tried to put him up for adoption last week on Raw ? to hilariously disastrous results. Mr. McMahon clearly believes that Hornswoggle is an embarrassment to the McMahon legacy and not a lucky charm. Hornswoggle's attack on the folks the Chairman tried to pay to adopt him and the spectacle the Cruiserweight Champion created at the wedding of SmackDown GM Theodore Long and Kristal have left him even more red-faced. (WATCH)


But despite everything his dad has done to try to disown him, Hornswoggle remains determined to win his father's affection and is bound to pop up everywhere he goes.

What surprise could Coachman ? who is still the Chairman's ever-loyal Executive Assistant and who was also embarrassed last week by Hornswoggle ? have in store for the little "McBastard"? The Acting GM seems to have been out to prove a point since retaking the helm of Raw, so the surprise can't be good for Hornswoggle. Or is it possible that Mr. McMahon could be slowly accepting his son and has ordered Coachman to extend an olive branch ? or four-leaf clover ? to his pint-sized son? The only way to find out is to tune in to Raw, live Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.