Suspensions & A Clear Possibly Detected From SD!/ECW Tapings

As reported earlier, John Morrison lost the ECW World Title to CM Punk. Given the nature of the sudden title switch on free television no less, one would have to assume that John Morrison was one of eleven individuals suspended by WWE on the heels of the Signature Pharmacy drug scandal. Sports Illustrated reported that Morrison was prescribed five different drugs through the Signature Pharmacy drug firm including Somatropin, Anastrozole, Testosterone, Stanozolol and Chorionic Gonadotropin. Considering that it is a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy to purchase drugs through an internet firm, one would have to assumed that Morrison has indeed been suspended for his infractions.

— Rey Mysterio took on Chavo Guerrero in an “I Quit” match at tonight’s SmackDown taping. The match went about 20 minutes and said to be pretty good. Sports Illustrated reported on Thursday that Guerrero received Somatropin (HGH), Nandrolone (an anabolic steroid) and Anastrozole (to ward off breast tissue development after using steroids) between April 2005 and May 2006 through the Signature Pharmacy drug firm. Because Guerrero purchased drugs over the Internet, he is in violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, thus meaning that he is subject to suspension. Considering that Guerrero wrestled in an “I Quit” as opposed to a regular match, it looks this was WWE’s way of writing Guerrero out of the storylines for the time being.

— One wrestler who has apparently been cleared of any wrong doing is Batista. He appeared at tonight’s SmackDown taping in a tag match with Kane as they took on The Great Khali and Finlay. He also did a run-in to fend off Khali, who had attacked Mysterio after his “I Quit” match with Chavo Guerrero. To further cement Batista’s good standing status, Theodore Long came out soon after and announced a change in the SmackDown main event at Unforgiven. He said that Khali wil be defending his belt in a triple threat match. It will Khali vs. Mysterio vs. Batista. reported on Thursday that Batista was a client of the busted Signature Pharmacy firm. However, his name was never implicated in the back-breaking article by Sports Illustrated. It as appears as though that Batista has been cleared.

— Two other active SmackDown performers listed as being clients of Signature Pharmacy by the media include Chris Masters and Funaki. Neither individual appeared at tonight’s SmackDown taping. Sports Illustrated reported that Funaki purchased Somatropin (HGH) in March 2006 through Signature Pharmacy — which would be a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy because he purchased a drug online. reported on Thursday that Chris Masters was a client of the busted Signature Pharmacy firm, but his name was never implicated in the article by Sports Illustrated. Granted, Funaki sparingly appears on television anyway, so he could very be innocent, but considering that he didn’t appear at the SmackDown taping, he obviously hasn’t been cleared yet. Masters may have been left off the taping because they simply had nothing for him on this night and not because he was being taken off the road due to a suspension. Although, it appeared as though that a feud was starting up between Masters and Chuck Palumbo if the 8/31 SmackDown taping was any indication. During the 8/31 show, Palumbo took the Masterlock Challenge issued by Masters, but Masters attacked Palumbo before the challenge could happen. Palumbo managed to fight off Masters, and the two exchanged glares and words as the Masterpiece exited the arena. When they do this sort of angle, they usually follow it up with a match the next week. Palumbo took on Kenny Dykstra in a decisive squash match and there was no mention made of Masters at the very least. Masters’ immediate future likely hinges on what happens to Randy Orton, who according to Sports Illustrated, bought numerous drugs over the Internet after February 2006 — a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt noted on Friday night that only one of the eleven wrestlers suspended is a two-time WWE Wellness Policy offender. Out of the 14 WWE wrestlers listed as being clients of Signature Pharmacy, only Orton and Masters have previous Wellness Policy violations under their belt. If Orton ends up being suspended, Masters is likely in the clear. However, if Orton isn’t punished and remains on television for his upcoming PPV match with John Cena, it looks like Masters is the previous offender taking the fall again.

— Two other SmackDown stars listed as being clients of Signature Pharmacy in Adam “Edge” Copeland and Gregory Helms are out indefinitely due to their respective injuries. Even though they won’t be appearing on television anytime soon, by process of elimination, it should be known soon enough if these two did any wrong doing. If so, they will be docked 30 days worth of pay from their downside guarantee. In Copeland’s case, it will likely be a hefty figure.