Teddy Long/Viagara Angle, Ashley, SSlam, Candice, Punk, More

For those of you that missed it, WWE.com actually ran a story over the weekend "reporting" that Theodore Long's heart attack that he suffered during his "wedding" on SmackDown was caused by Viagara for treatment for erectile dysfunction. The article claimed that he was semi-comatose and that the coming days are critical. You wonder what WWE creative is thinking with this. And didn't they already do this angle with Al Wilson?


USA Today Weekend ran a story about famous people that liked GI Joe dolls. ECW Champion CM Punk was mentioned in the article.

Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis introduced the Ohio State offense during the Northwestern/Ohio State game over the weekend. Animal was in full face paint and ended the segment with "What A Rush". For those of you that do not know, Animal's son is a standout linebacker for the Buckeyes.

There is an article on WWE Diva Ashley Massaro starring in this newest season of Survivor on Gay Wired.

The Journal Sentinel Online recently sat down with WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle to talk about her returning home to Milwaukee for tonight's RAW.

WWE will release the 2007 SummerSlam DVD tomorrow.