Umaga's Suspension, Sandman's Firing A Late Decision?

As noted earlier, last night's Raw did a 3.9 cable rating. The first hour started off with a 3.6 and the second hour did a 4.1 rating. That is good news as there was very stiff competition including two Monday Night Football games on ESPN.


Umaga is slated to return to action at the beginning of October and continue his feud with Triple H. Umaga probably won't be facing any long-term repercussions from his suspension.

Sandman's release earlier in the day had been expected internally. Based on how he was booked on last night's show, the decision was clearly not made before the show and it happened today. Sandman was said to have been okay after injuring his leg last night in his match with Santino Marella on Raw. He was limping for the rest of the night, including having to come out for that final scene with Vince McMahon Also, his page was immediately removed from upon the news of his release.