Update On Randy Orton's Suicide Attempt, Stephanie McMahon, More

-* As we reported previously, writer Irv Muchnick claimed Randy Orton attempted suicide. It has been confirmed that Orton had a medical emergency sometime in spring of 2006. Several sources have said WWE did an investigation lead by John Lauranitis. They found out Orton did not attempt suicide. It was somewhere alone the lines of him having an overdose which would explain why assumptions were made. Many insisted that he did not attempt suicide.


-* According to The Figure 4 Weekly, Stephanie McMahon has recently sent out a memo to the head of WWE.com, Michael Cole and the rest of the website staff, telling them that the WWE creative team and the website team will be working closely to make sure what is updated on the website is matching what the creative team is doing.

Reports have it that both sides are unhappy with the idea, especially the creative department since they already have a lot of deadlines to meet.

- Since we're on Stephanie McMahon, sources have said that she has been encouraging performers to rehearse over and over again to make sure their performances are perfect.

-* The Figure 4 Weekly has also reported that the result of next week's match on RAW between Vince McMahon and Triple H could then lead to Mr. Kennedy's return as well as continuing the "illegitimate child" storyline from before Kennedy was suspended.