Why Did Andrew "Test" Martin Get Released By WWE Months Back?

-* As you guys know Andrew "Test" Martin was released recently by TNA. We have some news for you regarding his WWE release and what happened during his last days as a WWE wrestler.

Reports have it that he was in the process of receiving a push in ECW. Plans were to have him feud with Bobby Lashley for the ECW Title.

One of the reasons why WWE released Martin was because after a live "promo-gone-bad", the people backstage said he could not have done it any worse. What's surprising is he did a great job in rehearsals but completely bombed when he was doing it live. The result of his poor live performance lead to him being booked for a match at Royal Rumble(in which he would lost) and ECW the same week. Shortly after those events he was let go by the company.

(-Source: Figure 4 Weekly)

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