WWE Bashed Hard, Why Funaki Wasn't Fired, Regal/WWE Status

David Whitley of The Orlando Sentinel wrote a column ripping WWE titled "Orlando Should Push WWE to Come Clean," negatively discussing the company holding next year's WrestleMania 24 in the city. Whitley started out by saying that "Vince McMahon came to town six months ago and we all laughed along. Now Orlando getting WrestleMania 24 doesn't seem all that harmlessly amusing." He goes on to blast the company due to recent allegations of talent using steroids. This is the kind of press that WWE definitely didn't want.


Speaking of WWE being ripped on, TMZ posted an article titled "Fake Sports, Real Stupid," demeaning this year's WWE Diva Search contestants.

Former WWE superstar Christopher Nowinski will be a guest on tonight's edition of TSN's Off the Record. Nowinski will most likely be discussing the findings of brain damage suffered by Chris Benoit.

This year's WWE SummerSlam will be released on DVD on September 25th.

William Regal is said to be extremely worried about his name being linked to Chris Benoit's doctor, Dr. Phil Astin. Regal claims that he had a brief association with Astin as he had pain killers and muscle relaxers pushed on him. Regal was also named in the Signature Pharmacy scandal, which has presumably landed him a 30 day suspension from WWE.


Despite being caught up in the Signature Pharmacy investigation, it is believed that Funaki will keep his job with WWE. Funaki is seen as someone that doesn't cause any problems backstage and is somewhat of a teacher's pet to John Laurinaitis.