Your Feedback: What Is The Cryptic Message From RAW?

Your Feedback: What Is The Cryptic Message From RAW?

Here are some of your feedback from the video last night. I'm get absolutely blasted with emails about this on the minute. It's certainly generating interest:


RP sent this one: If you pause it at just the right second you see WM 99 i took that as Wrestlemania 1999 if you check out this, these are listed on WWE's website. Keanu Reeves hit it big with The Matrix. The entire nation was scared that the world as they knew it would end with Y2K Y2J didn't make his appearance until April 9, 199, but the fact they mentioned Y2K on the website seems coincidental. take this for what it's worth

Jake sent this one: Hey Ryan, Watch the video here Starting at the eight second mark you can clearly hear a whisper saying Im back. Could this be Y2J or a new returning superstar?

Tim J sent this one: The clip features RAW_REV_MAY2.action in one of the shots. Jericho defeated Benoit for the Intercontinental title on May 2, 2000 in Richmond, VA, during the "Smackdown" television taping. Also it shows RAW_REV on another shot. On the April 17, 2000 edition of RAW, Chris Jericho upset Triple H in a WWF Championship match. In a deal Referee Earl Hebner, Triple H got the title back after Earl reversed his decision on the basis that Triple H keeps his hands off of Earl in which the promise didn't stay; Triple H fired him and assaulted him after he made the decision to give the title back. These parts may not be significant and may just be just random frames of video paths.


Nick sent this one: I got to looking at it again and the WM99_Trip thing could be the Triple Threat with Billy Gunn, Al Snow, and Hardcore Holly...... There's another part in the video where it has "Bat_Ass_Week1"...Bad Ass Billy Gunn???? Is he under contract with TNA or just has one of the apperance deals? And another part with "default.ddr.butt".....another ass comment? "KOR_Qualify13_60" is another thing in it.............He won the KOR in 99' It has a part in it where it has "catman" could be a hint at LIONheart???? Also it has a thing with "WM99_Trip" and continues off the screen.....He debuted in 99 and his first WM was 2000 where he had a Two Fall-triple threat against Angle and Benoit for both the Intercontinental and European titles.

Jason sent this one: The part that references "Joshua 2:2 verse 2" was written by someone who doesn't know much about bible books and chapters. The "2:2" represents "chapter:verse". Essentially, what your article says is "Joshua chapter2:verse 2 verse 2" , which makes no sense. So, there is no reference to a third "2" in the bible verse.

Stacey sent this one: Hey, about the cryptic video that was on Raw Monday night, it's already been pointed out that "SAVE_US.222" appeared several times. I've noticed on a couple of shows that there have been signs in the crowd that say "Save us Y2J", it probably didn't go unnoticed by WWE and they may have added it as a clue. Just speculation, but it's a thought.


Ozzy Venegas sent this one: Hello, I cross referenced the RAW Live Events with Chris Jericho's Appearances (Listed on his website) He is not booked anywhere between September 30th and October 25th...

However, he is booked to be in Fort Bragg, NC on October 28th which is the same date as teh Cyber Sunday PPV...and to me it would seem pointless to make him come back before the Pay Per View and then not have him show up on it...then again the signing starts at Noon and if it ends around 2 he could technically show up at D.C. in time for the PPV before it ends

He isn't scheduled to be anywhere on the day after the PPV, the 29th where RAW takes place in Philly

He isn't scheduled to be anywhere on Nov. 5th where RAW is in L.A.

And finally he isn't scheduled to be anywhere on Nov. 12th where RAW is in Topeka, Kansas

It looks like his tour will end on Nov. 15th

I would put money that he returns on the Oct. 29th edition of RAW...I would think it would be a Halloween type edition, and I could envision someone coming out in a costume only to reveal that it is Y2J inside the costume...

I hope this helps.

Mike sent this one: Hey i just watched the video and i think that its a possibility that Y2J might be coming back at Cyber Sunday thats why it was matrix style like that with the numbers cause that's kinda what the cyber Sunday thing is. Just a thought so i figured i'd let you know.


Jason sent this one: I noticed something else in the video that might point to Jericho. There's a segment in the video that references the words "promo" and the number 99 together. I believe Jericho's debut in the WWE, and subsequent debut "promo" interrupting The Rock, was in 1999.

Fulton sent this one: Just thought i'd let you know, during raw last night, Jericho also changed his myspace page. The headline now reads "I"m coming back!!"

Nelson Cardone sent this one: Not to say that this isn't obvious or it is Y2J himself but if you go on there is quite a gap (Sept 30 to Oct 25) between book signings. Not to say that can't change but that is something to note.

Barbie sent this one: I also wanted to add that on one of the last frames on the says Library/bookshelves and didn't Chris Jericho just come out with a book?

Andy Shaw sent this one: Check out Jericho's my space, rock of jericho he says next to his profile pic that he is coming back!!!

Travis sent this one: May be it is something like this

Last night: SAVE_US.222

Next week: SAVE_US.22J

Week after: SAVE_US.Y2J

Thank You,
Travis Feiock, Information Systems Technician
Triumph Accessory Services

Tom sent this one: In the video, there are a few shots wear it says champ_hard . I took this to mean hardcore. Also it very clearly shows WM 99 trip, at the Wrestlemania in 1999 there was a triple threat match for the hardcore title. This featured hardcore holly, Billy Gunn, and Al Snow. With Hardcore Holly already back and Al Snow on the downside, that may leave a spot for Billy Gunn. This also may help the thoughts of reports of Kip James and BG James being unhappy at TNA