An Absolute Disaster At Weekend Convention - Fights

The primary promoter of the WrestleFanFest convention held at the Cow Palace in San Francisco this weekend, Chris Salsbury, fled away from the hotel everyone was staying at due to a confrontation with Scott Steiner. At one point, Salbury locked himself in his room. Salsbury has been hard to get an audience with all weekend according to numerous people who have had business dealings with him. At the moment, no one knows where he is and if he'll pop up again. Furthermore, there's concern about the checks he gave a number of the talents not clearing. I'm also told he may he left his hotel room this morning at 5:45 AM.


Many of the wrestlers that appeared at the San Francisco Fan Fest at the Cow Palace over the weekend received checks that bounced. We heard a report that Roddy Piper actually rode with someone affiliated with the event to a nearby bank to cash his check.

We mentioned earlier that Bobby Heenan was scheduled to have jaw surgery. He was forced to miss the Cow Palace Fan Fest and the Legends of Wrestling Fanfest in Milwaukee as a result of his pending procedure. As you might imagine, Heenan's doctor didn't want Heenan to fly. I believe Heenan's surgery is scheduled for either Monday or Tuesday.

Today is the third and final day of the WrestleFanFest convention. Steve Austin is supposed to be at the event. By all accounts, he was paid in advance and is already in San Francisco. They're also holding a Ring of Honor event at the Cow Palace later today. Unless they are prevented from running the show by the venue for some unforeseen reason out of their control, there will be a ROH show in the Cow Palace today. Upon their arrival in San Francisco, ROH officials met with the Cow Palace people to make sure they would be able to run the event.


Even though approximately 100 wrestling talents were advertised to appear at this convention, this thing only drew about 200 to 300 people on Friday.