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Although it was reported otherwise, MVP & Matt Hardy defending the WWE Tag Team Titles will not be taking place at tomorrow night's No Mercy PPV in Chicago, IL. That match will instead take place at the Smackdown tapings this Tuesday in Detroit, MI. Thanks to kenny5682 for sending word about this.

Advertisement has an intense story about Dr. Death Steve Williams' battle with cancer. Head on over to check it out.

Tom Kettwig sent the following...Rey Mysterio is scheduled to be on American Latino on the week of 10/15. You can check their website at for the time and channel in your area.

Kurt Angle tells Alex Marvez in his latest column that the International Fight League has offered him the chance to train around his TNA schedule for a MMA debut sometime late next year. Angle attended last month's IFL team championships and has began negotiations with the MMA group. "Other organizations were pushing for me to fight right away for big money – bigger money than any other fighter has ever made, but I think they were doing it for my name because I had a lot of exposure in (World Wrestling Entertainment) and TNA. When I talked to the IFL, it wasn't like they came at me with the biggest contract, but they made a lot more sense.The IFL is giving me an opportunity to get my feet wet without affecting my job with TNA whatsoever. (The IFL) said they would be second priority and make sure TNA is happy all the time and they'll take me when they can get me." Angle said. "Randy Couture is a good leg-attacker, but he's not even close to me and he'll admit that to you," Angle said. "I could take Silva down 10 times a round. That's how quick and agile I am. I've just never had the opportunity (to show it). They've never seen a Kurt Angle in the ring or my style, which is explosive. I think a lot of heavyweights and light heavyweights won't expect it." The article reveals that Angle has used his backstage power in TNA to push for more clean finishes in TNA, believing that the fans want conclusive winners and losers in the matches, like in MMA fights. Said Angle: "We all sat down and said: 'Hey, no more run-ins. If you want me to win, I win. If you want me to lose, I lose.' I think TNA is starting to get that. We're in an MMA world right now. It's not going to change."