Big Update On A Possible Lilian Garcia-Jillian Hall Storyline Feud

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Lilian Garcia recently proposed a storyline to management wherein people would somehow confuse her with Jillian Hall. She wants to be involved in a storyline to help promote her new music album, ?Quiero Vivir!, which was released yesterday.


Historically, Lilian has vehemently opposed doing certain angles. For instance, when the Viscera & Lilian love storyline was taking place, she protested against being involved in it and whole thing was prematurely cancelled.

The angle they have in mind is that after Jillian's name had been screwed up time after time, she'd finally snap and do something to the beautiful blonde Latina ring announcer. This would then lead to Battle of the Bands/American Idol style spin-off angle. Television producer Kevin Dunn loved the idea and was pushing hard for it to happen.

If the angle goes through, it's going to have to happen within the next week or two obviously. Also, if the angle does end up taking place, it will likely only be a short-term thing.