Is Flair Returning To WWE?, HBK, SSlam, More News

From Seth in Essexville, MI I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and in his opening monolouge, he showed the clip of the Fairplay/Bonaduce incident. Then he showed Fairplay being interview on, the part where Johnny said "Donnie was mean". Jimmy then said "wow, those are fighting words". The crowd didn't laugh and he quickly went to his next joke.


Just thought I'd give you a note that my local Christian Bookstore, Heritage House (www.heritagehousechristian.Com) in Brockton, MA has given me a release date of November 30th for the Heartbreak & Triumph DVD. Just wanted to let fellow HBK fans in MA know about the date.

WWE has told the creative department that there are no plans for a Ric Flair return. As previously reported, Flair and Vince McMahon had an unsuccessful meeting on 9/20 at Titan Towers to resolve their issues.

According to data released by WWE, this year's Summerslam drew a few thousand PPV buys short of last year's figure, which was 541,000 buys for Summerslam '06.