Jericho's Possible Debut Date Revealed?, RAW News

I don't know if anyone else noticed but Chris Jericho has added 2 new dates to his book tour. The first is October 29th in Philadelphia, the same city that hosts RAW that night. The second is October 30th in Long Island, The same location as that nights Smackdown!/ECW taping. [Thanks to Eliot Bell]


I attended the WWE RAW taping this past Monday in Birmingham. I think WWE felt bad about the signs that had been confiscated because after Heat was taped they sent wrestlers out into the hallway to meet and greet the fans. Ron Simmons, Henry Smith, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Super Crazy were some of the stars they sent. I also thought it should be noted that during his entrance, HBK knocked over the pyros and they had to be set back into place before he entered. [Thanks to Michael Smith]