Jim Ross Speaks On Chris Jericho, Mike Tenay/Don West, TNA

Jim Ross has posted another blog entry on his official web site. Below are the highlights:

- I do not consider Chris Jericho's title reign as undisputed champ a disappointment whatsoever. Chris has never done anything to disappoint me in the ring and is one of the classiest individuals I have ever worked with in wrestling. Those that may unwisely think that Chris' run as undisputed champ was less than it should have been need counseling.


- C.M. Punk is a uniquely talented wrestler and is one of the primary reasons I watch ECW every Tuesday night. Some day I hope he is a part of the Raw roster.

- I enjoyed working as the head of talent relations for many years in the WWE and signing so many individuals who became major stars. Those days are now merely memories and a part of wrestling history. I have zero desire to devote 24/7 to anything outside my family at this stage of my life, so the odds of me ever going back to head the WWE talent department are pretty much non-existent.

- I don't have a clue if Chyna will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I suppose it is possible but most likely, not probable. Plus, I still stick by my guns that Chyna wrestling men back in the day in the WWE was ill advised. If some fans enjoyed it, then great. I did not, as I don't think women should wrestle men, at least not in front of paying customers.


- I have not read Lance Storm's commentary about his feelings regarding the TV announcing on TNA. Mike Tenay is a wonderful man who I greatly respect for many reasons, so I will be the last guy to ever "knock" Mike's work. I do not know Don West and don't feel it would be right to rip him either. Announcing wrestling matches isn't an easy job plus one can only comment on what is on one's monitor and all broadcasters are expected to tow the company line, whether it be in wrestling or other TV vehicles, or seek work elsewhere.

- If Austin Idol were in his prime today he would be a wealthy "Heartthrob." Great charisma, great talker, really solid in ring work and Idol was blessed with "it" which is either in a wrestler or not, as it cannot be manufactured. Cleveland Browns' G.M. Phil Savage told me some cool Austin Idol stories when I saw Phil at the Cleveland Raw a couple of weeks ago. Try and find some old tapes of Idol vs. Lawler as that was some badass stuff.

- I have commented on the outstanding abilities of A.J. Styles many times here. Whether or not A.J. ever makes it to the WWE isn't my call, it's the WWE's and A.J.'s. Please give my best to him nonetheless.

- Tag team wrestling will rise in prominence once depth issues are addressed, and they seem to be slowly, and there is more TV focus on duos. I think fans still enjoy good tag team wrestling, but they have to emotionally care about the teams they are seeing and the teams need to be steeped in a personal issue.


- The WWE is releasing a major Von Erich/World Class DVD soon that I am told is going to be compelling. I hope it is as the story of the World Class promotion almost has to be seen to be believed. I helped start the negotiations with the Von Erich family on the WWE acquiring the World Class library when I was still based in Connecticut and dealt mostly with Kevin, who I have always liked.

- J.R. trying to be a bad guy back in 1996 was not one of the stellar moments in my career but the in-ring promo I did in Hershey, PA may have been one of the first "attitudinal" promos ever done on WWE TV. The harder I tried to be a jerk and knock the WWE the more the fans seemed to like it for some crazy reason. I am happy those days are behind me. I have always simply enjoyed being a play by play guy and a wrestling fan with a great seat at ringside.