Legend Irate At Vince's Rehab Letter, Vito, More News

The former Johnny Stamboli is available for bookings as his new character, REDRUM. If interested, REDRUM charges $500 per match plus trans. If you are serious about booking REDRUM, please e-mail [email protected] His former tag team partner Big Vito is also available for bookings at [email protected]

Former WWF Champion Bruno Sammartino was one of the 500 or so ex-performers to receive a letter from Vince McMahon offering to pay for rehab. When he received the letter, apparently he went ballistic. Sammartino was under contract to WWE in the 80s, so he would be on file with them. Sammartino was mad enough about the letter that he nearly called a press conference.

Stacy Keibler has a cameo in an upcoming movie called The Comebacks. The movie stars David Koechner as an out-of-luck coach who takes a bunch of college misfits and drives them towards the football championships.

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