More On WWE Merging ECW & SD!, New Japan vs. TNA War

Bill Banks has a note up regarding the official website for TNA Wrestling going down late Sunday night. The website was back up and running yesterday.

The following was issued on TNA WRESTLING VS. NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING INTERPROMOTIONAL WAR TO TAKE PLACE ON NOVEMBER 11 IN JAPAN. On Sunday, November 11, the superstars of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling will travel to Japan's Ryogoku Arena to compete in an "Interpromotional War" against New Japan Pro Wrestling. "The War Machine" Rhino, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Senshi and Ron "The Truth" Killings will represent TNA Wrestling that night in bouts against the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Advertisement has an article up regarding a storyline between Acting Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero and ECW GM Armando Estrada about the merging of talent between both brands.

WWE has made a decision to merge talent between both rosters in attempts to boost the sagging ratings for ECW on Sci Fi where Smackdown wrestlers will regulary appear on the show every week. Plus, since both shows are taped every Tuesday night, the talent are in the arena anyway. The idea is to give some less-known ECW talent more exposure on Smackdown as well, although there is said to be some huge concern within WWE about the future of the ECW brand since Sci Fi has not committed to re-signing a new TV deal with WWE that expires at the end of 2007.