News On Jessica Hatch, Batista, Fight At Convention?, More has posted an excerpt from Batista's autobiography, Batista Unleashed. The excerpt is about him growing up in Washington D.C. The book comes out next Tuesday.

A wrestling convention called "The Dream Reunion" was held in Kokomo, Indiana this past weekend. It was a mess to say the least. Jerry Sags, Doug Gilbert, Scott Norton, Steve Williams and Jazz were unable to come to the show because they never got their plane tickets. Jerry Lawler, Jim Cornette, Brian Lawler and Zach Gowen pulled out for unspecified reasons. Some of the wrestlers that did come to the event had problems in getting paid and so the police were called. On Saturday night, a few wrestlers were kicked out of a local Motel 6 because the promoter didn't pay for the rooms and the wrestlers didn't want to pay for them either. Things got so bad that Tommy Rich and Pat Tanaka went after the convention's promoter, Rob Reeder. Reeder locked himself in his office. The police and the building are holding Reeder's wrestling ring and belts for nonpayment of rental of the building. Reeder skipped out of town and left his wife to deal with the police. Among those who were there were Baby Doll, Al Snow, Marty Jannetty, Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey and Brian Knobs. Diva Search contestant Jessica Hatch, who was eliminated last night, also flew there on her own to meet fans.


Speaking of Jessica Hatch, there are photos of her with several wrestlers from her appearance at the convention at her official website, She also talks about the wrestlers giving her advice and her experience at the convention in a post on the site.