Official SmackDown! Preview - Drama Unsettled

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Truly, history was made at No Mercy. But how will the history from Sunday night's events affect the Superstars who will be in Detroit this week for Friday Night SmackDown?


While a new WWE Champion was crowned in Randy Orton, then Triple H?and then Randy Orton again, SmackDown's Animal, Batista, defied colossal odds to retain his World Heavyweight Title in a Punjabi Prison Match against The Great Khali. The Animal barely outraced the giant in escaping the hellish chamber of horrors, but will a new challenger prove unavoidable this week in Detroit? If so, has The Animal recovered enough from the Punjabi Prison to answer the challenge?

A conflict in styles made for a spectacular No Mercy contest between Rey Mysterio and Finlay Sunday night ? until the Irishman feigned a severe injury, then brutalized the Master of the 619 while his guard was down. Clearly, this rivalry isn't over ? especially if SmackDown's color commentator, JBL, continues to vocally stir up more bad feelings between the two Superstars. Either way, will the Irishman who loves to fight look for another opportunity at the 619 Superstar who dials up flight? Or will Mysterio show no compassion for Finlay after what transpired at No Mercy?


It's disgustingly debatable as to whether MVP or Matt Hardy was the better man at No Mercy's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Competitive Eating Contest. It's also bad enough that the WWE Tag Team Champions can barely stomach each other. But how can they possibly digest the idea of facing Undertaker & Kane in a Tag Team Match on SmackDown? If neither Superstar's constitution isn't strong enough this Friday, the Brothers of Destruction will almost certainly see to it that MVP & Hardy will rest in pieces.