Sable Comments On Marriage To Lesnar, Debut In TNA?, More

The Miami Herald interviewed former WWE Women's Champion Sable, who is now married to Brock Lesnar, in today's paper. The article is called "Rena enjoys home life". This is her first interview in a little over three years. Here are some highlights from the interview:

The Current Crop of WWE Divas: "The new generation of WWE divas can barely wrestle at all. Sure there are a few exceptions. Divas like Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Mickie James walked into the company with good wrestling skills, but for the most part the company hires these models with no wrestling experience, just to serve as little more than pieces of meat."

Dawn Marie Being Released While Pregnant: "I think that a woman becoming pregnant should be perfectly common to them by now. While it does affect our ability to wrestle and do other physical activities, it does not change the way the audience responds to us. A diva should be able to get some time off for pregnancy without fearing her career will be on the line. It should be treated as simple as an injured wrestler. They should have their period of time to recover and return as they left, if not better. As for women getting fat, I can understand the company's view on the subject. In wrestling, you need to be physically fit and appearance is very important. Someone who is not aware of this is clearly in the wrong business."

The WWE Diva Search: "Divas should not be chosen based solely on their looks, and I don't believe thata volleyball match or a hula-hoop contest determines any real talent. Former Diva Search winner Ashley has managed to rise above it, but the most recent winner, Layla, is still devoid of any real wrestling skills or even acting skills. Her character is merely an extension of Kelly Kelly. WWE should eliminate the Diva Search and concentrate on finding real Divas such as Trish, Jacqueline, Ivory, Lita and a few select others.”

The Name She Goes By Now: "It just seems that everyone knows me by this name [Rena Mero], so I thought fans would relate better by it. In my personal life, I go by Rena Lesnar."

TNA and A Possible Comeback: "I've heard about how WWE has lost ratings in the past years. TNA has a lot of up-and-coming new talent, as well as some former WWE wrestlers and divas, and it seems that their attitude toward women wrestlers is a positive one. I could definitely consider a possible future in TNA if I were to come back to wrestling."

Forever Being Known As Sable: "Sable will always be a part of me, but it's not who I am," she said. "I wish my fans would keep that in mind more. Even people who know my name still refer to me as Sable. I understand how many actors are typecast. I just never thought it would happen to me."