**SPOILERS** Full WWE SD! Taping Results

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Here are the SD! results for this Friday's show:

Dark Match:

Jacob Duncan defeated Funaki.


Chuck Palumbo rolled up Chris Masters for a pinfall. Palumbo controlled most of the match. Afterwards, Masters attacked him and out Palumbo with the Masterlock.


Big Daddy V promotional video airs.

Jesse & Festus defeated Jay Adams & Conrad Carr (Eddie Venom and Conrad Kennedy III from Michigan indy scene).

There is a backstage vignette with Jamie Noble, Deuce and Domino.

Drew McIntyre (Drew McDoland from Scotland), with Dave Taylor) defeated Brett Major.

Diva search segment.

Backstage promo with WWE Tag team champions Matt Hardy and MVP.

The Undertaker and Kane defeated WWE Tag Team champions Matt Hardy and MVP after Taker drilled MVP with a tombstone. This was a non-title match.

In a backstage promo with Vickie Guerrero and Jamie Noble, leading to Vickie signing Noble vs. Khali next.

Great Khali beats Jamie Noble with the head squishie.

Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Deuce and was attacked and laid out by Deuce and Domino. Cherry even slapped Yang.


Rey Mysterio vs. Fit Finlay for the #1 contendership of the WWE World title went to a no contest after a chair was used. The lights in the arena went out and by the time they returned, both men were laid out in the ring. Undertaker was inside, making a motion with his hands for the belt, motioning to Batista, who was at ringside doing commentary.