The Bizarre Story On Why Diva & Boyfriend Quit WWE

As we reported earlier here on the site, WWE developmental talents Ryan O'Reilly and Krissy Vaine have quit the company. Vaine was the mystery diva that attacked Torrie Wilson on the 9/28 edition of SmackDown and was scheduled for a major push on WWE television. The reason why O'Reilly and Vaine quit the company is because they are dating and she was on SmackDown and when they found out he was going to RAW; abruptly quit the company because they could not handle being apart.


People were said to be stunned at the stupidity of the decision but not surprised. Vaine has been in WWE's developmental system for eighteen months and had a reputation of constantly dating someone in the system. She had been dating developmental talent Kevin Matthews, but when he was fired, she broke up with him and began dating O'Reilly.

Vince McMahon was high up on O'Reilly because he was Irish and brought him up to ECW to work dark matches last fall. He didn't receive a good reception so he was sent back down to developmental. Meanwhile, there were plans for Krissy to get a huge push on SmackDown where she would have gotten a tremendous amount of television time and billed as the top in-ring women's heel on the brand. Head SmackDown Creative Team member Michael Hayes was especially high on her because she has a lot of independent experience, well beyond every other Diva in the company. Nonetheless she finally got her big break and abruptly quit the company.


Perhaps the irony of the entire story is that O'Reilly was booked on RAW house shows completely at random and was just a way to get him back on the radar. There were no plans set in stone to send him to RAW, but I guess when they saw the RAW bookings, they freaked out and quit the company. Needless to say there is very little chance that either O'Reilly or Vaine will ever get another shot in World Wrestling Entertainment.