The Latest On Chris Jericho's Return To WWE Inside

It now appears that Chris Jericho's return to WWE is imminent.

Jericho's return to WWE makes sense and will be the biggest stage where he will be able to promote his new book. Returning on RAW makes Jericho vulnerable to being fed to Triple H; however, he will still be seen as a major star on the brand. Jericho could have gone to TNA and had a possible World Title run there, but they were losing momentum going into their two-hour debut episode of iMPACT! and he will certainly be seen by more on WWE programming. With Jericho returning to WWE it certainly says a lot about what he thinks about TNA as he lives five minutes from the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida and has young children that he wants to be around to see grow up.


It should be noted that Jericho is scheduled for numerous radio interviews throughout the month of October, perhaps indicating that his return could be pushed back to WWE's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view later this month. While nothing is set in stone, it is very likely he is coming back to WWE.