The Latest Update On WWE's Cyber Sunday PPV, More

Three more matches have just added to WWE's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view. The new matches are as follows:

– Triple H vs. Umaga the options are Street Fight, First Blood, or Steel Cage)

– Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay (the options are Stretcher Match, Shillelagh On A Pole, or No Disqualification)


– Matt Hardy vs. MVP (Boxing Match, Wrestling Match, or Mixed Martial Arts Match)

– Other matches taking place on the card include a WWE Championship Match between Orton and Kennedy, Jeff Hardy or Shawn Michaels; a World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and Undertaker with either Steve Austin, JBL or Mick Foley as the referee; and an ECW Championship match between CM Punk and Big Daddy V, John Morrison or The Miz.

– WWE will also announce the winner of the 2007 Diva Search at Cyber Sunday. Taryn Terrell was eliminated from the competition earlier tonight, thus meaning that the honor will be up for grabs between Brooke Gilbertsen, Eve Torres, and Lena Yada.