The Real Reason Teddy Hart Was Fired From WWE Inside

As most know by now, Teddy Hart is finished with WWE. The reason behind his release from the company was due to a bad run-in with WWE officials which is nothing new as this makes the third time he has received a developmental contract only to get terminated. Things started out well for Teddy in Ohio Valley Wrestling as he was on his best behavior and the only heat that he had was the heat from other wrestlers that were envious of his talent. While working in Florida Championship Wrestling, Teddy's backstage behavior in the locker room remained good but his work in the ring became a problem.


According to one source, Teddy would always make sure that he got all of his stuff in during his matches even when he was told not to do it. Basically he would be told one thing and go out and do something completely different. This angered many people and showed to WWE officials that Hart did not have the ability to listen to instruction.

Prior to Teddy's release there were plans for him, Harry Smith, and Nattie Neidhart to start on the road as the New Hart Foundation on WWE television with even a rumored debut storyline occurring at Survivor Series where the faction would attack Shawn Michaels. However, in the end Teddy was considered too much of a liability and ultimately released.

The New Hart Foundation angle remains up in the air at this point as we still do not have word on whether or not Ted DiBiase Jr. or TJ Wilson will replace Hart in the faction on WWE television. Both DiBiase and Wilson have been working as Hart Foundation members in FCW. WWE management continues to call on Nattie and Harry Smith so it looks like there are still plans for them in the company.