The Rock News, WWE Plants Signs On RAW & Much More

Source – PWInsider

According to the UK's Sun, WWE's European President intimated they were working on a subscription channel over here. This could mean some form of WWE 24/7, there has been previous talk of WWE doing something when their contract expires with Sky in 2009-2010. Sky Box Office are also offering 3 WWE pay-per-views for the price of 2, this could also be to see if enough people will buy it, with a pay-channel in the talks.


I was at the Birmingham Monday Night Raw taping and thought I'd mention that fans were not only told to take their belts and signs off before they entered, but WWE actually gave out signs and planted their own. I saw a WWE guy carrying them and asking if they'd hold it up in the normal positions for WWE cameras and promised them they would be on TV as a way of thanking them because the guy below me got told it. [Thanks to Lee]

The Game Plan featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which will actually be his last film role to be billed as The Rock, has grossed $59,534,000 to date domestically. The film hasn't even been released internationally yet. The Game Plan could be the best grossing film of The Rock's career if it continues to do well at the box office.