Why Triple H Wasn't On RAW, Divas/Playboy, More News

Triple H was kept off television to sell his injuries from last week's Monday Night RAW beating at the hands of Umaga and Randy Orton.

The Sci-Fi Network has been moved on Time Warner cable in New York City to ch 17?. Speaking of Sci Fi, Bryan Alvarez is reporting that the Sci-Fi Network has not committed to re-signing a new TV deal with WWE to continue the ECW show, which expires at the end of 2007.


As noted late last night, Former Playboy-everything- of-the-month Taryn Terrell was the fifth contestant booted off the competition and only three remain: Brooke Gilbertsen, Eve Torres and Lena Yada. The 2007 WWE Diva Search winner will be announced on Raw, Monday, Oct. 29.

There is an article featuring Rey Mysterio meeting a 7-year old child who is battling back after a house fire left him with burns on 60% of his body. Rey Mysterio met the child at the show Newcastle, England this week. The article is at www.chroniclelive.co.uk.