WWE & TNA News: Y2J, Austin, LAX, Knockouts, & More

WWE were confiscating Chris Jericho related signs at WWE No Mercy this past weekend but it appears they also planted Jericho signs in the crowd.

The Condemned was #4 in rentals this week bringing in $3.61 million making the total rental sales at $7.76 million in two weeks.


It was announced last night on ECW on Sci Fi that the ECW Championship match for this month's WWE Cyber Sunday PPV will be announced today at noon ET. Expect John Morrison to have some involvement in the match with him returning on ECW last night. Only one match has been officialy announced by WWE which is the WWE Championship match featuring Randy Orton vs. the fans choice of Jeff Hardy or Mr. Kennedy or Shawn Michaels.

The latest edition of TNA Today features Angel Williams.

LAX are scheduled to be signing autographs this Saturday at the Santa Fe Mall in Duluth, GA from 7pm to 9pm.