WWE Confiscates Y2J Signs?, Morrison/ECW Return, More

Steve J sent this one: I was at the Dream Reunion convention this weekend in Kokomo, Indiana. Things went great although there were some no-shows at the event. Apparently the promoter failed to come through on deals with some talent. Jim Cornette, Jerry Sags, Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher, Steve Williams were among the no-shows. I was long gone before it all ended but I did hear that police were called because their was a problem with wrestlers not getting paid. Typical indy crap. Anyway, there were still a lot of talent there. I was surprised to see Jessica Hatch from the diva search there. She flew in on her own which was nice to see. She was very nice to everyone and I spoke with her for a few minutes regarding the current product. There are some pictures of the reunion at her website at https://www.jessicadhatch.com/photos_dream_reunion.php . There are pictures there of Baby Doll, Al Snow, Marty Jannety, Midnight Express, Brian Knobs silliness (!!!) and others.


Danny Bonaduce will talk about the Johnny Fairplay fight on tonight's "Showbiz Tonight."

The Comcast ECW preview says "John Morrison Returns."

We received reports that WWE officials were confiscating Chris Jericho banners last night at the No Mercy PPV.

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