Booker T vs. Cage, Sharmell, Foley, Tazz, Lots More

Rey Mysterio has been chosen as the newest WWE Fathead through the Cyber Sunday contest. Fans got to pick between Rey, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy or The Boogeyman. WWE says the Fathead will be released soon.

Tomorrow on WWE 24/7, the latest edition of "Legends of Wrestling" will debut featuring hosts Jim Ross, Pat Patterson, Michael Hayes, Mick Foley and first-time guest, Tazz. WWE's latest 24/7 installment looks to push the envelope even more than any of the previous roundtable discourses as it focuses on the bad-asses of sports-entertainment.

Booker T defeated Christian Cage at last night's PWA Bash at Beaumont show in Beaumont, Texas. Sharmell was also in attendance. Booker, Sharmell and other PWA superstars will be at Club Kryptonite in Beaumont this Friday night to meet and greet fans.

Speaking of Sharmell, her profile page on TNA's website has finally been added. Havok's name on the roster has been changed to Johnny Devine and SoCalVal's profile has been removed, whatever that means.

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