Jessica Hatch Update, Booker T, Sharmell, The Rock, & More

Booker T's PWA promotion has a busy weekend of schedules this weekend.

Tonight, Friday, November 16th, TNA stars Booker T and Mrs. Sharmell along with the PWA stars will be appearing at the Club Kryptonite in Beaumont, TX. The "Girls Gone Wild" tour bus is also scheduled to be appearing.

On Saturday, November 17th, a free PWA autograph session is scheduled with Booker T and Mrs. Sharmell. The autograph session is scheduled between 1am and 1pm at the Parkdale Mall, Beaumont, TX.

The PWA Bash At Beaumont event is then scheduled for later that day, doors open at 6:30pm and the bell time is at 7:30pm. The event will be held at the Ford Park Exhibit Hall, Beaumont, Texas. "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage is scheduled to take on 6-Time Worlds Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Booker T in the main event. The following PWA stars are also confirmed to be appearing: PWA Tag-Team Champions, Kryll w/Lady Poison, Neico, Dawg Cheetum w/Rosa Salvaje, Jared Steele, The Wrecking Crew, Cryus, Franco Valentino, Steve Demarco, Nemesis, V.I.P. Gustavo Mendoza w/Team Cuba, "The Pride", Chris Adams and others.

Tickets are available through and for $23.

The following is from "Movie hunk DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON faced up to his fear of spiders on U.S. TV on Thursday (15Nov07) when he held a tarantula on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The former wrestler confessed he had no idea what sparked his arachnophobia - but he can't remember a time when he hasn't been terrified of spiders. He said, "There wasn't anything that happened in my past." The Rock squirmed and sweated as a spider wrangler walked onto the set - but he agreed to hold the beast after host DeGeneres told him she'd give cinema tickets to her entire audience if he took the challenge. Johnson cupped his hands and let the spider go crawling."

WWE 2007 Diva Search contestant Jessica Hatch has signed on with Professional Championship Wrestling and will be appearing in the near future as party of a reality series based on PCW for the Learning Channel.

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