Juventud Guerrera Update, Teddy Hart, Psicosis, & More News

Former WCW star Juventud Guerrera has been talking about wanting to do a music concert. Guerrera still wrestles in Mexico.

The AAA promotion in Mexico is looking for a new tag team partner for Teddy Hart as his original partner, Jack Evans, will miss AAA's Guerrera de Titanes because he is booked for a Ring of Honor show on the same day.

Former WCW star Psicosis has been fired from the AAA promotion after missing his fourth TV taping. He missed the most recent one because he was working a show in the U.S. Psicosis makes between $1,000 and $1,500 working U.S. shows and only $400 per show with AAA.

The 11/16 edition of Friday Night SmackDown scored a 5.4 Hispanic rating.

Road Warrior Animal's son James Laurinaitis is a finalist for the 2007 Dick Butkus award, which is given out to the best college linebacker.

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