Shane McMahon Speaks On Drugs, WWE's Expansion, And More

-- The Sun in the UK has recently caught up with Shane McMahon and discussed with him topics such as drugs in wrestling, WWE's expansion into other sporting ventures, and more. Below are the highlights:

The last few years have seen a number of wrestling heroes passing away far too young. What policies are the WWE putting in practice to stop future deaths and what should the industry as a whole do?

It is an absolute tragedy.

We care deeply about the health and wellness of our past and present Superstars. WWE's Talent Wellness Program was created so that WWE performers of today can lead healthier, longer lives than the pro wrestlers of past generations. We believe it is showing results. Our goal is to eradicate the use of steroids and the abuse of prescription drugs from WWE.

Your dad has gone into the bodybuilding, American football and film businesses so why not MMA? Is setting up a rival to UFC something you ever talked to Vince about?

We have talked about it and have done research. It may be something we want to get into if the right opportunity presented itself. As of right now, we are focused on our core business. Our primary objective is getting WWE into untapped markets and maximizing those markets where we already have a presence.

Can you explain more about your global expansion and what it means for the everyday fan in London or Shanghai?

By splitting up the world into three distinct areas - China/Latin American/Canada, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific - it will enable our organisation to better service these markets, but most importantly, our fans who reside there.

What is your role in the new set up?

I am very proud to be the fourth generation working in this business.

My main role is to continue my family's legacy by growing our business to its fullest potential across as many platforms as possible around the world.

Does this mean the end of Shane O Mac the wrestler?

Not necessarily.

When needed, or if the right scenario presents itself, Shane O Mac could re-appear.

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