Vince Not A Billionaire, Mean Gene, Wellness Policy

-- Today, the 1st of November, WWE will be revealing publicly any future wrestlers who violate the WWE Wellness Policy. Right now, WWE hopes to use this as a way to deter wrestlers from getting involved with activities that will cause them to violate.

-- For those who does not know, Mean Gene Okerlund has his own fast food chain that runs worldwide. He has over 117 stores worldwide, 10 of which are serving US Naval bases including Guam, Diego Garcia, and Okinawa.

Although he has his own business , he is still working for WWE developing the WWE 24/7 series.

-- Vince McMahon did not make the Forbes's list of 400 Richest Men in the United States. He is no longer a "billionaire", although he is estimated to worth at least $700 million. Vince currently banks in $45 million a year from his stocks.

Other famous figures such as UFC Owners Frank and Lorenzo Feritta are worth a total of $1.3 billion ranked at 380th on this list. Mark Cuban is worth $2.6 billion ranked at 161st place.

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