Carlito's Father Pissed Off At WWE?, Major WWE/Iraq Problems, More

Carlos Colon, a wrestling legend in Puerto Rico and father on WWE superstar Carlito, is frustrated with World Wrestling Entertainment. Colon feels his WWC promotion in Puerto Rico should a WWE developmental territory, and believes a WWE affiliation is vital in the long-term survival of the company. In years past, WWE worked with Puerto Rico's IWA as a developmental group. WWE isn't interested since their house shows always sells out on the island. Colon has attended several television tapings, and has met with John Laurinaitis. At this time, WWE is only interested to work with Colon as the local promoter for their shows.


While in Iraq to tape the Tribute to the Troops special, a chopper carrying Dean Malenko, Mickie James, Carlito, Chris Jericho, JBL and Ron Simmons got damaged in a landing and all six were stranded for five hours in a war zone in Tarmiyah, Iraq. The six were stranded in an unsecure location in the middle of fires, smoke bombs, dead animals and razor wire everywhere.