John Cena Possibly Returning At WrestleMania; Latest Update

Source – Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The initial diagnosis for John Cena had him out past WrestleMania, however according to his rehab reports; he is working like a demon trying to speed up his return date. Cena has a strong mind-muscle link from his years in bodybuilding which gives him a strong advantage for a faster and more effective recovery.


While nobody is expecting it is a given he will return by WrestleMania Stephanie McMahon and Brian Gewirtz are holding hope that he will be there at the show. If he does make it, it's likely his first match back would be against Randy Orton, since he was credited in the storyline for Cena's injury.

If Cena is not ready it is still likely he could show up at the event either advertised or as a surprise and play a hand in costing Orton the title. This would then lead to a Cena/Orton program immediately following WrestleMania.