Most WWE Wins Of 07, Lesnar's Upcoming UFC Fight, Hogan

Source – WrestlingObserver

Newsday's website has a listing of the top 25 sports stories based on the number of hits. Number one was Brian Cashman being unable to sign Jeff Lowell. Number two was Quinton Jackson beating Chuck Liddell. Number three was was Georges St. Pierre losing to Matt Serra (Serra is local). Number fifteen was a story on boxing being challenged by UFC. Unlike many other lists, the Chris Benoit family tragedy was not mentioned.


– Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is on the cover of the new Muscle & Fitness magazine. Handouts were being distributed Saturday night which focused on Lesnar vs. Mir being the biggest match of UFC 81: Breaking Point on February 2nd in Las Vegas. Lesnar is being pushed as a former WWE superstar turned fighter.

– C.M. Punk had the most televised wins in WWE for this year with 48. He was followed by Jeff Hardy with 44. Bobby Lashley and Triple H would have been in the top ten, except they were injured most of the year. Most tag team wins were The Highlanders with 16, to Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch with 15.

– The fourth season of Hogan Knows Best will debut on Australia's version of MTV on Friday at 5 p.m.