News On Kane, RAW, JBL, Flair/HHH, & More News

WWE superstar Kane has gone public with his endorsement of Ron Paul for President in 2008. The Big Red Machine explains: If you're like me, you're tired of unnecessary and exorbitant taxes, you're tired of the dollar constantly losing purchasing power, and you're alarmed when politicians demand that we surrender our constitutionally protected civil liberties, especially the bedrock principles of habeas corpus and due process, in exchange for "security."


Monday's New Years Eve RAW will focus around JBL's return as well as the Triple H vs. Ric Flair retirement match. The show is being taped from Greensboro, North Carolina – the heart of "Flair Country".

As noted last week, Florida Championship Wrestling trainer Steve Madison is gone from the company. The word that we are getting is that he had a blow up with lead trainer Steve Keirn which led to his departure.

Nick Mylan sent this in: I was looking through this article at and they had the Top 10 crime news stories of 2007 and Chris Benoit made the list at Thought it was interesting enough to let you guys know.