Randy Orton's Wife Pregnant?, Another Failed Drug Test, & More

MMAScoops.com is reporting that Ariel Gandulla, who lost to Doug Marshall on the 12/12 WEC 31 show in Las Vegas, NV, tested positive for Nandrolone (Decadurabolin).

From Beth Lockwood: Thought I'd email and let you know WWE champion Randy Orton was briefly on KDSK 5 news this morning via phone and they showed various footage of him on Raw mainly from the past year. He was on to plug the Tribute to the Troops special and mentioned how WWE does it every year and it was a blast to go over there and pay tribute. It was very brief, the interviewer then asked Randy his plans for the holiday. He said he was going to spend it with his family and he had just found out that his wife is expecting their first child so it was going to be extra special. The interviewer ended by saying congratulations and Merry Christmas and Randy said Merry Christmas too.